Product Photography

The History and Basics Of Product Photography

The history of product photography started back in the mid 1800’s shortly after the invention of photography. Other terms used to describe this type of photography include commercial photography, companies photographers, or advertisement photography. The first type of product photography was for clothing, or fashion. Digital photography was invented in the year 1985, and then the disposable camera was introduced. Many people don’t know that disposable cameras are actually digital cameras. The real innovation was when film became obsolete and cameras started getting internal storage devices to store the photos. Some examples are SD cards or micro SD cards. The days of getting your photos developed are pretty much over, unless you do it as a hobby or favorite past time.


There are multiple types of photo techniques that companies use to advertise their products. They use food, beverages, real models, mannequins, animals, black backgrounds, white tables with white backdrops, nature, and more. Some companies photographers will use photoshop or other picture editing programs to really make the product stand out. They may use contrasting colors such as a red background for a green product. They may choose to make their photos black and white to keep attention away from the color and put it on the product details. They might be able to arrange their products in order of size, color, or shape. They can use several different angles to capture the most ideal image of the product.


If the photographer is able to, they will make sure the customer knows what the product looks like from every angle. You probably see examples of this on popular shopping websites like Amazon or Ebay. On websites like that, the product photography is extremely important. If you are shopping for an item and the listing shows blurry or bad photos, you are almost certainly not going to purchase the product. If you are unable to see every detail of the item you wish to buy, you are going to hesitate and find a better seller with multiple high quality images