Companies Photographer

The Strange Side of Product Photography

You see photos of products every day in many places. What you don’t know may surprise you. If you are a companies photographer, you may take photos of food or beverages. It may take more effort than you think to create a good picture of the product you are trying to sell, and you may resort to strange techniques. For example, some photographers that work for cereal companies will take a cereal bowl and use a layer of white glue on top of jello and then add the cereal to the top of that. We can guess that a regular bowl of cereal with milk just doesn’t look as good as glue! After all, milk would make that cereal soggy and it would eventually start to sink into the milk. Makes sense, right? Imagine you are taking pictures of a steak and it seems to be drying out pretty quickly. Some people will use a paintbrush and add a layer of vegetable oil to the meat before shooting, to make it look moist and appetizing! Lastly, fake foam is sometimes added on top of a glass of beer to make it look freshly poured for a long period of time! Next time you are at the grocery store, consider how many strange techniques were used by the companies photographer.